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2019 - 2020



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"Prospect Lodge is a well governed organization of men united; sharing a rich tradition of strong values and building friendships that last a lifetime."

Elected and Appointed Officers 2019 - 2020


Worshipful Master Wor. Elias Seeman
Senior Warden Bro. Robert Menyhert
Junior Warden
Treasurer Bro. Robert Khouri
Secretary Wor. Wilfred M. Cote
Senior Deacon Wor. Stephen Sears
Junior Deacon Bro. Martin J. Hogan, Jr.
Senior Steward  
Junior Steward Bro. Stephen Quattrucci
Chaplain Rt. Wor. Richard H. Ryder
Organist Wor. Stephen Somario
Inside Sentinel  
Tyler Bro. Fraser N. MacKinnon

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